*SEAL Scouting Store*  
*Navy Waiter Services*
Once again the name gives you a
clue of what you can expect. As the
band is a way to fund raise entrance
for the organisation. We use
another methafor were we host your
party with the service of waiters and
bartenders. Any kind of celebration
you have we will be there providing
you with this service. Just call and
make the reservation.
This department of the organisation
is consist of highly trained en
certified members, and requires
discipline, responsibility and
seriousness of each member on
higher level. We provide with this
department for every event, party,
concert, feast, parade, competition
first response services.
For more information check out our
contact us link.
Seal Scouting has its own line of
fashion.   You can find all our
products in our store.   Or contact
us at 567-9696.  Fashion fades away
but style is eternal.
*SEAL Scouting Pastry *     
In the town where fruitcake was
born lived some bakers who aimed
to please
and they told us of their life in the
land of bakeries.
Seal scouting has its own pastry
now to you name it we make it.
For more information call: 5679696
*SEAL Scouting Sound*
The name can tell you everything,
it's the scouting band formed by the
members of the organisation. Were
they express themselves and fund
raise some entrance for the
organisation. They play at any
celebration and has a large variety
of songs to be played, just call and
make your reservation before it's
booked by some one else.
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